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With the Wicotiz Mastercard, Members not only benefit from exclusive offers, but they can also transfer money to other members for free.

Our team is aware of the difficulties and exorbitant costs involved in sending money from Europe to Africa. That is why we decided to create Wicotiz: to make money transfers accessible to everyone.

Why not step into a fairer world now?



In addition, transfers are instant: say goodbye to exorbitant fees
and waiting times. Discover an effective way to send
money to your family and friends.

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From a primary card
to a secondary card

Send money online securely to a secondary card anywhere in the world using your primary Wicotiz Mastercard.

With just a few clicks, your debit card lets you make money transfers online, seven days a week. Sending money online is free for Wicotiz Mastercard members.

Money transfers are instant: in just a few minutes, your loved ones will receive the money you send them from your Mastercard wherever they are in the world.


Avantages du transfert

Free transfers for Wicotiz members

Send money instantly

Easy to use


Manage everything
frm your smartphone

Guess what? Even with all these features and benefits, the
Wicotiz Mastercard is cheaper than you might imagine. Enter a
world full of benefits for just €2.50 per month (€30 per year).