My recharges and transfers

All the answers to your questions on the Wicotiz Mastercard.

How can I top up my card ?

Top up your card easily via :
– Credit / debit card in MyWicotiz page
– Mobile application
– Bank transfer
– Wicotiz card to Wicotiz card transfer

The top up by bank transfer and transfer between Wicotiz Card to Wicotiz card are free

Who can top up the card ?

Everybody can reload your card.
Top up your card without charge via the IBAN code and communicate it to people wishing to make a payment on your card, for example your employer, your friends or family members.

How long is the money available on my card ?

– 2 to 4 days by bank transfer.

For an immediate payment to your card, use one of our methods of direct payment :

– via debit card or credit card, fee are added.
– From Wicotiz card to Wicotiz card transfer.

The remittances between wicotiz cards is free.

What happens when I top up beyond the allowed limit ?

If your limit is reached, the excess amount is returned to the sender.

What are the limits of the cards ?

You can see the limits by clicking here

What are the fees ?

You can see the fees by clicking here

How to transfer free money to my relatives ?

Send money free of charge and immediately to your friends and family all over the world thanks to our Wicotiz app.
Wicotiz offers you the possibility of ordering the second card, to give to the person of your choice in orde to be able to transfer money free of charge from your main card.