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All the answers to your questions on the Wicotiz Mastercard.

What is the Wicotiz Card ?

Wicotiz card is a prepaid Mastercard® without bank account and available for everyone. With this card, you can receive and send money, pay bills, withdraw money, shop online or in stores.
Compared to other prepaid cards, the Wicotiz card is associated with an online account and has an exclusive IBAN code.

The Wicotiz card is a simple and secure payment method.

Who can apply for the card ?

The Wicotiz MasterCard is available to everybody.

– No income verification
– No credit check

How many cards can I order ?

You can order up to 4 cards.

When I will receive my card ?

The card will be sent to you by post. You will receive it within 6 working days.

What is the difference between Wicotiz Mastercad Standard and Wicotiz Mastercad Advanced ?

2 cards according to your needs, your desires :

– Wicotiz Mastercad Standard is available without proof of identity and domicile.
– To obtain the Wicotiz Mastercard Advanced you must provide a proof of address and a copy of your ID document.

In which countries can I apply for the Wicotiz Mastercard ?

You can apply for your card if you live in the SEPA zone.

Can I order a card for someone living outside the Sepa zone ?

Yes, you can order secondary cards.
Secondary cards will be allowed when the main cardholder is based in the Sepa area.

The Secondary Card will be linked to the Primary Card. The Secondary Card can be loaded by the Primary Card for Money Remittance.